5 Healthy Reasons to Like Hummus

Some people say that Hummus is a gateway food to everything else in your refrigerator.” In fact, this traditional food from the Near East makes a good match with almost anything. As a snack, as a starter, as garnish, with falafels or with pita bread – You choose! Speaking of health, let’s see 5 things that make hummus a must:
  1. It may reduce the risk of diabetes
Hummus contains complex carbohydrates, the digestion of which takes a lot of time. With that it prevents blood sugar levels from increasing. Studies show that daily consumption of 1 cup legumes for 3 months improves the glucose tolerance.
  1. Helps maintain normal weight
As the main ingredient is chickpea, hummus is very rich in proteins, which gives you enough power for the day. On the other hand, the food has a lot of fibers that satiate, so if you’re trying to lose some weight, don’t worry about getting hungry. Go ahead and get some hummus! hummus chickpea
  1. Good for anemia
Chickpea is also very rich in iron and vitamin C. The latter helps the iron absorption and that’s why a cup of hummus a day provides you with 25% of the recommended daily intake!
  1. May decrease bad cholesterol
Ever heard of isoflavones? These antioxidants are present in chickpea. So, when consumed regularly they are able to be in use for those who have problems with their cholesterol. If that’s your case, now you know the solution!
  1. Benefits the cardiovascular system
Olive oil (which is another ingredient in hummus) is said to be very effective against heart diseases. In combination with vitamin K and E in chickpea, hummus may reduce the risk of blood clots. We owe the great effects of this exotic food not only to chickpea itself, but to the combination of all wonderful ingredients which make a super tasty and healthy dish! hummus health benefits As we believe health is number one priority, we’ve picked high-quality Dips for you that you can find and purchase on our e-store right now!


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