Easter Eggs on the Table: 4 Creative To-Do Ideas

Easter, this long-awaited Christian holiday, is already knocking at the door and we know what’s coming next – Easter eggs. This tradition includes coloring hard-boiled eggs and having the so called ‘egg fight’, which all children and adults enjoy. First things first, though! Before that you have to dye your own eggs and prepare for that ‘fight’. In case you’re still wondering how to put more colors this year, here’s 4 creative ideas you could use:
  1. Stained eggs
stained easter eggs That’s a very simple, but rather effective way to create stained Easter eggs. All you need is a household sponge, which will be your improvised pad. Use it to apply the Easter paint over the hard-boiled egg. If that’s not your thing, here’s plan B: dye the eggs first and then make those eye-catching stains with the color you like most. White, green, yellow – the choice is yours!
  1. Marbled eggs
marbled easter eggs We bet you know this technique! But do you know how effective the results are? If you want to make your eggs look like marble, then put a drop of oil in your egg paint. When you dip the egg, you’ll have that result we’re talking about.
  1. Mosaic eggs
mosaic easter eggs To prepare these you need nothing but Easter egg paints. While boiling the eggs, dissolve the colors in the water. After the eggs are ready, crush them with a spoon, place them in the bowls with paint and let them stay in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Then just peel them and Voila – mosaic eggs!
  1. Rice-dyed eggs
rice-dyed easter eggs Supply yourself with rice, egg paint and little styrofoam cups with lids (big enough to take the egg!). Put some rice in those cups, add the paint and close with the lid. Then shake until you color all the rice. After that place the boiled egg inside and, again, shake. You might have to do this a couple of times until you get the best results. Whichever painting method you choose, just make sure you enjoy those moments. Let’s not forget that “Easter is the time to rejoice and be thankful for the gift of life, love and joy.” If you still haven’t got your products, take a look at our Easter category by clicking here! Happy holidays!


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