5 High-Carb Foods that Can be Good for Your Health

Nowadays low-carb diets and foods are literally everywhere. This can sometimes be quite confusing, though. Their popularity can make you think of carbohydrates as something bad. However, we’ve got good news for you! The truth is if we don’t take enough carbohydrates, our body is probably gonna start looking for the ‘fuel’ it needs. What’s even worse is that it starts taking it from other areas like muscles, which can affect the liver in a negative way. That’s why everyone has to know that carbs are actually super important for us! Here’s a list of 5 high-carb foods that you can eat without any worries:
  1. Rusks
Whole wheat or not, rusks are a great choice for high-carb food. They’re good for you especially if you’re aiming at weight loss. Rusks are said to have lots of fibers, not so much potassium and zero fat. In case you use rye rusks, you might successfully control your blood sugar levels.
  1. Corn and peas
Although these two fall under the ‘starchy vegetables’ category, we assure you there’s nothing bad about it. Peas, from one side, contain proteins, while corn can give you enough fibers. Eating such foods may reduce the bad cholesterol, which is great!
  1. Oats
Carbohydrates are not a taboo when it comes to oats and oat porridges. These grains are known to be rich in beta glucans – soluble fibers that make us sate for longer. What beta glucans can also benefit is the gut flora as they might improve digestion.
  1. Chickpeas
Not only are chickpeas high in carbs, but they can give us lots of proteins as well. It’s proven that those who eat this food on a regular basis usually don’t overeat. This applies for all legumes, by the way! We’re talking about beans, lentils, you name it.
  1. Yoghurt
The all-time favorite probiotic in combination with low-carb diet can significantly reduce your waist size. So, yoghurt is actually super special as it can give proteins to the body. Meanwhile, it also supplies it with good fats and natural sugars. Definiteily ‘a must’! What do you think about high-carb foods and their place in our menu? Drop us some comments down below! Plus, read more articles about Food & Drinks on our blog: 3 Curious Questions about Sardines (+ Bonus: A simple Soup Recipe) 4 things about Gluten that are Already a Myth – Part 2 3 Things to Focus on If you Have High Blood Pressure


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