Check out These 10 Impressive Milk Facts!

Many would skeptically say that “milk is for babies”, but who would refuse a glass of warm milk with a chocolate cookie before bed?! Most ‘milk fans’ even claim that this drink is an amazing gift of nature we should be thankful for. Well, there will always be pros and cons about everything, just like with the milk dilemma. After all, what’s most important is to do what makes you feel good! Without any more big talk, let’s see our list of 10 milk facts, shall we?
  1. There have been some rumors that the first ones to start drinking milk were people from Afghanistan and Turkey.
  2. Do you know which enzyme is responsible for dairy milk digestion? Come on, you know this one! It’s lactase, of course. An impressive fact is that only 20% from white people are known to not have lactase in their organisms.
  3. From a ‘chemical point of view’, milk consists of 85-95% water. So, if we’re thirsty, can we get some milk instead of water?!
  4. It’s said that no other drink in the whole world (really!?) contains as much nutrients as milk.
  5. Coming from the previous statement, a glass of milk every day can give us enough of what our body needs. Read more about it here!
  6. Did you know that milk is actually a part of many weight loss programs? Well, indeed it is.
  7. According to some dentists, milk is the only type of drink you can take without having to worry about your oral health.
  8. OK, we have no evidence about this one but still…It’s been estimated that cows give more milk when listening to music. Now that’s shocking news, isn’t it?! happy cow
  9. Of course, you know there are many, many types of milk. However, 90% of the milk production on the planet is namely cow’s milk.
  10. If you like this dairy product, you can probably notice there’s quite a difference between whole milk and skim milk, right?
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