5 More Interesting Facts about Beetroot you Might not Know

Since winter time is coming, we should all take some care of our health. And what a better way to do so if not choosing beetroot as your health ally!? This colorful vegetable has so much to give us that you can hardly imagine. At first you might think “Ugh, it tastes like soil.”, but believe us – you’ve got to give it a chance! Beetroot can actually taste quite nice, when it’s seasoned with the right ingredients. Plus, it adds wonderful colors to any meal or salad, so it might be the hero for a boring dinner, let’s say. No matter what, beetroot is much more than just a vegetable! Here are 5 more interesting facts that will surprise you:
  1. It’s a good mood Monday!
“Monday won’t be so gloomy if you believe that something good is always bound to happen.” What’s more, in case you can’t think of anything else that can bring you joy, why don’t you get some beetroot? Oh yes, it may sound ridiculous, but this veggie contains betaine, which is a substance that relaxes the mind and treats depression. Of course, it also contains tryptophan – the one found in chocolate. You get the point, right?
  1. Say “Cheers” with beetroot!
Oh, that’s definitely not a mistake! You can, indeed, raise a glass of beetroot wine and say “Cheers” to your friends. You didn’t read wrong – we said wine! It’s a fact that the vegetable can be a source for wine production. The end result would be something that resembles the famous Port wine. beetroot smoothie
  1. Watch for your clothes!
As you might have already noticed yourself, beetroot can actually leave some unpleasant stains over your outfit. This is because the veggie is a water-soluble colorant. On top of this, hot water seems to “fix” the color of the stains even more. So, if you happen to get dirty with some beetroot, make sure to use lukewarm or cold water!
  1. How to prevent getting red fingers?
All of us who have tried peeling a single beetroot know what “pink fingers” mean! In order for you to avoid this, next time rub some olive oil and salt between your fingers before washing the hands. It will most likely do the trick!
  1. Beetroot met Space in 1975.
Indeed, it did! During the Test Project Apolo-Soyuz beetroot was first eaten in Space. It was the astronauts from Soyuz 19 who organized a party and ate some beetroot soup. At zero gravity! How cool is that!? beetroot soup To make life easy for you, we peeled, cut, stuffed and preserved beetroot in a jar so you can enjoy it at its maximum! Click here to shop! Expect the Unexpected: 10 of the Most Surprising Facts about Foods & Drinks 4 Drinks that Can Quickly Quench your Thirst Three-Course Menu: the Best Wine Recipes that Will Make Dinner Amazing


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