4 Things you Probably Didn’t Know about Barbecue Sauce

“A good barbecue sauce should be as complex as a bouquet of a fine wine. It should have notes of sweetness, acidity and a hint of pepperiness.” A barbecue sauce does, indeed, have to combine all these in order for it to be a real pleasure for the palate. And of course, the perfect grill needs a perfect BBQ sauce! So, we dove into the topic and learned some interesting facts that we are impatient to share with you today! Here are 4 things that you probably did not know about Bar-b-q sauce:
  1. To begin with, when we are talking about barbeque sauces, we need to keep in mind that there are lots of criteria for differentiation. There are sweet and peppery, there are also thick and more ‘liquid-like’ ones…And, of course, there are always exceptions! Probably the easiest way to distinguish between the various types is by getting to know the ingredients. The main component of some is tomato sauce, while for others it's mustard or vinegar. It’s all up to the producer!
  2. Big surprise! The most common BBQ sauce is the tomatoe one. In order for one to cook the best barbecue sauce with tomatoes, they should make sure to neutralize the taste of the tomatoes before mixing them with the other ingredients. Professional cooks even serve the barbecue sauce a day or two after they’ve actually cooked it. This way, they assure, the product gets the amazing taste we all desire. different barbeque sauces
  3. On the other hand, a bar-b-q sauce that’s based on vinegar tends to have more liquid form. This allows us to use it while cooking in order for us to make meat get softer. What’s more, due to its acidity, this type of sauce can actually get deep inside the meat’s core and add an extra flavor to the meal itself. So, if you are looking for a chilly BBQ sauce, we would recommend that you mix it with some vinegar and black pepper.
  4. Wanna use a mustard-based barbecue sauce? Well, these are thought to be very good for marinating pork. No matter whether you are planning of grilling or smoking the meat, this is your sauce. Don’t know why, it just works!
Each barbecue fan has their own style of cooking with BBQ sauce and that’s what’s good about it! Barbeque recipes can always become better and better, if you put some love in the art of cooking. Never forget that the secret is to experiment and find what makes you excited! For some must-try Barbecue sauce recipes be sure to check our article out by clicking here!


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