5 Most Popular Types of Sauce & Their Origin

Today sauces are actually a very important part of many meals like salads, appetizers, main courses and even desserts. Each country must have at least one kind of sauce that’s typical for its cuisine. However, there are so extravagant ones that they somehow managed to spread worldwide. Let’s see which these sauces are, shall we?
  1. Wasabi sauce
Can you guess where does this product come from? It’s Japan, of course. This distant country has its own way of making wonderful food and wasabi sauce is just one of the many proofs. To make it, people mix soy sauce, rice vinegar, lemon juice, kombu (an edible kelp), mirin and finely grated dried fish. Doesn’t sound so easy to prepare, does it?! Well, that’s why we should be thankful there are ready-to-use products like wasabi and other types of sauces today.
  1. Tartar sauce
Although this one looks very much like the Greek tzatziki, they are not exactly the same. Plus, people claim that tartar sauce’s place of origin is France. It’s normally made from mayonnaise, onion, pickles, capers, eggs and lemon juice. To add some extra flavor, parsley and salt are the ones to help. If you still don’t know its taste, you should definitely try it soon! tartar sauce
  1. Worcestershire sauce
An extremely delicious and super popular throughout whole Europe and America, Worcestershire sauce beats many others. Basically, it’s quite a piquant sauce that consists of barley malt vinegar, pepper, clove, dried mushrooms, garlic (of course!), molasses and tomato pureé. You can use it to season all kinds of meals, but it might also be great in combination with other types of sauces as well.
  1. Béarnaise sauce
People say that’s the “piquant child of hollandaise”. Hey, read more about hollandaise sauce in this article! And again, it’s a French product that’s usually quite thick, but tasty as hell! Most chefs use melted butter, egg yolks, white wine and onion to prepare it. What’s more, they mostly season it with tarragon, salt, black pepper and vinegar. Béarnaise sauce
  1. Sofrito sauce
That’s maybe one of the most famous Spanish sauces, which today goes under so many variations that you can hardly recognize it. As a whole, it contains chopped onion that’s been fried into hot vegetable oil. Of course, people mix all kinds of herbs in order to make it delicious. Don’t think it’s just that, though! Almost all people prefer to add white wine and seafood to make it. By the way, click here to learn more about how to cook with wine! No matter which one you would choose, always remember that “hunger is the best sauce in the world”! 6 Truths about White Wine that You Shouldn’t Miss 7 Interesting Facts about Onions you Would have Never Guessed! 4 Tasty Chickpea Recipes you Can Easily Cook Today


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