6 Curious Facts about Almonds you Probably Didn’t Expect

“Life is too short to count your almonds.” Indeed, it is! As a matter of fact, one shouldn't spare “the Kings of nuts” at all. Of course, this doesn’t mean you must eat so much that you can barely breathe, but you can have a good feed every once in a while. So, let’s see 6 of the most curious facts about the healthy nuts, shall we?
  1. Although almonds usually originate from southwest Asia, they have something to do with the British islands as well. It’s said that English people are also able to cultivate almond trees no matter the rough climate.
  2. Can you imagine how much of these nuts do people produce? Well, you might be a little surprised here. The number goes up to 4 million tons. For comparison, it was about 1 million back in 1995. Some of the countries that are associated with almond production are: USA, Iran, Italy, Greece (of course!), Spain, Turkey and others. almond production
  3. Hey, did you know that almonds are thought to be some of the best nuts for keeping a thin waistline? Well, that’s because they have super low calorie content. There’s even a research which proves that eating almonds can help men lose their beer belly. On the other hand, women can say “Goodbye!” to the extra skin around the waist.
  4. Believe it or not, specialists claim there are around 20 different sorts of almond trees. All of them vary by flowering season, nutshell’s hardness and others.
  5. This one is for you, boys! There’s a common belief that almonds can make you turn into the sexual beast you dream for. More and more medical and lifestyle publications are invoking men not to choose ‘the little blue pill’. They can do it in the healthy way and eat almonds instead! These nuts are quite rich in arginine – an amino acid that helps blood flow. And there’s also tyrosine, which can activate dopamine production. In other words, it makes you happy. go nuts
  6. As you probably know, almonds are amongst the healthiest nuts. They are not popular as “the Kings of nuts” for no reason, after all! So, although almonds are high in fat, they might normalize the cholesterol levels, improve digestion, prevent from diabetes and many more. In case you are eager to learn more, read this article about the nuts’ health properties!
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