5 Reasons Why Thyme Honey is Good for your Health

Meet the Greek thyme honey! – a nutrient considered one of the best bee products as it combines amazing taste, copper color, exquisite structure and super intense scent! So, here’s 5 things that may convince you that thyme honey is good for you:
  1. Rich in beneficial substances
Firstly, it’s very rich in plant compounds, antioxidants and phytonutrients, which explains why this product is much in demand. A study has proven that thyme honey is extremely strong when it comes to the numerous bad bacteria and other bugs in our bodies!
  1. Antiseptic properties
Ever heard of Thymol? It appears to be the main antiseptic substance in thyme, which is thought to forego the modern antibiotics. That’s why most folk recipes use thyme honey to prevent and cure flus, respiratory infections, cough, mouth and gum issues, acne and other skin problems, including Candida.
  1. Thyme vs. cancer
A Greek research states that thyme itself reduces the vitality of hormone-dependent cancer cells within the uterus and prostate. The authors also suggest that a diet, enriched with thyme honey, may significantly decrease the risk of breast, prostate and endometrial cancer.
  1. Benefits the Thymus gland
Prof. Paul Lee from the University of California has done a series of studies on the wondrous bee product and it turns out that it also helps the Thymus gland which plays a very important role in our immune function.
  1. Appropriate for skin treatment
Thanks to the biologically active compounds both in honey and thyme, their combination creates a great disinfectant! Not only may it be used internally, but it’s also suitable for external use (for example, for compresses and bandages!). Do you like the topic? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below! Don’t forget to regularly check our Blog!


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