Fresh or Frozen Vegetables – That’s the Question

When buying our veggies we often face the dilemma whether to get fresh or frozen ones. The issue reaches its peak during the cold months when we need a lot of vitamins in order to maintain good health. But which vegetables are richer in those essential nutrients? We’re about to find out! The popular newspaper Daily Mail once reported that frozen fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and antioxidants than fresh ones. How is that even possible?! We’ve always been advised to consume fresh food, right? fresh vegetables OK, here’s the thing – of course it’s best for you to eat greens that you’ve just picked from the home garden. Unfortunately, not so many people have the privilege to own one, especially nowadays. For that very reason we’re forced to buy our fruits and vegetables from local (or not) supermarkets or by shopping online. frozen vegetables So, if you can’t afford to consume freshly picked vegies, think about having frozen ones. The plastic bags they are often put into aren’t always a sign of unhealthy ingredients. In fact, frozen vegetables are said to be much healthier as they are frozen in a very short time after being picked. Let us throw some light here! What people do first is put the veggies in hot water to take out the microbes. Then they place them in shock freezers with temperatures around -40°C. This method preserves the vitamins and antioxidants in the vegetables. What’s more, the procedure also guarantees good taste and consistence. On the other hand, the long transportation of fresh fruits plus their storage will definitely kill most of the vitamins. Imagine this picture: a particular vegetable travels from somewhere all the way to the market. OK, we could survive on that! But who knows when it’s going to get into your kitchen?! frozen broccoli Have in mind, though, that if you cook frozen vegetables for too long you might destroy all essential substances in no time. When you know your limits you’ll always succeed! Expect other interesting topics about frozen vegies, their uses, health benefits and role in the kitchen! Meanwhile, browse our Vegetable category by clicking here!


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