5 Reasons Why Spinach is a Must during Autumn & Winter

“Every bite you take is either fighting disease or feeding it.” To guarantee you get the first, you should always rely on natural and healthy foods. Like spinach! So, why is it ‘a must’ during the cold seasons? First of all, although you can find it yearly, this leafy vegetable usually grows in autumn. This means it’s absolutely its season now! Secondly, it’s healthy and you shouldn’t miss it.

What other reasons might there be? Let’s see!

  1. To see better

In case you still don’t know, spinach is said to be quite rich in carotenoids. Yes, those pigments that are also found in carrots, you’re right! So, because of them our eyes may be thanking us for choosing spinach. Its regular consumption might prevent from cataract and other macular degenerations.

2. To swarm with energy

We are all aware of the fact that autumn (and most of the times winter as well!) can lead to depression, anxiety and exhaustion. We even have a blog post about it, so click here if you don’t remember. So, good news is spinach can help us deal with negativity. As a matter of fact, some say that it’s a much, much better way to increase the energy levels in comparison to coffee. That’s probably because of the high doses of iron that tend to transport oxygen to all tissues in the body. Science says it all!

3. To protect the heart

“Beat the heart disease and feel the healthy beat.” This famous slogan is what reminds us of how important it is to take care of our hearts. Luckily, spinach is thought to contain vitamins A and C, which help neutralize the free radicals within the body. Thus, the antioxidants can regulate bad cholesterol levels and keep the heart functioning into normal ranges. What’s more, the leaves are also full of folic acid, which benefits the cardiovascular system. Isn’t all this enough for you to start eating more spinach?

4. To keep your bones strong

This super-food from the Mother Earth is also a great thing to eat in order to strengthen the bones. Spinach is full of vitamin K, potassium and magnesium, all of which are important for the bone structure. So, if you happen to have some issues, this leafy might be your best choice.

5. To enjoy a healthy immune system

What’s better than a strong immune system? We all struggle with it sometimes, especially when it’s cold outside. Fortunately, spinach consumption may guarantee that your white blood cells function normally. Actually, these are responsible for our immune system, which affects our health in general. So, it’s all kind of connected!

spinach's health benefits

Do you need any more persuasion to eat spinach at least a couple of times a week? We bet you don’t!

Feel free to comment, like and share our blog articles because “knowledge is power”!


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