5 Must-Try Cypriot Foods you Can Eat at Home

Eating in Cyprus is a whole piece of art or, let’s say, like a culture. That’s because food is a huge part of their traditions and people really strive for the best. With a rich history and a location that crosses three continents, the island of Cyprus has been through a lot to find its place in the world gastronomy.

However, with today’s global crisis traveling seems to be quite a challenge. Good news is we offer you some of the most delicious Cypriot foods you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home! Keep reading!

  1. Halloumi

This cheese is probably the most famous product in Cyprus, but also all across Greece in general. Halloumi stands out with its slightly salty flavor and the very fine elastic structure. In fact, the delicacy somehow turned into the most favorite thing to cook all over the world, being part of many different dishes. Don’t miss to learn more about this amazing type of cheese as you read this article!


2. Makaronia tou fournou

That’s actually a Cypriot pasta bake that most Greeks call ‘pastitsio’. However, the island’s version is different because of the halloumi they use. No other cheese accepted! Plus, it goes in a combination with dried peppermint. Some of the main components of the dish are pasta (of course!), Bechamel sauce and pork. You will love this one!

makaronia tou fournou

3. Souvlaki

A typical Cypriot souvlaki consists of small grilled meat bites and plenty of “greenery” as a garnish. People usually prefer chicken or pork meat in order to prepare the popular meal. However, there are also vegetarian versions that include mushrooms and halloumi. Check out our blog post about Greek souvlaki here!

Greek souvlaki

4. Koupepia

This term they use in Cyprus is no different than the traditional stuffed vine leaves we know. For this very delicious food housewives and chefs use minced meat, onions, rice and lots of herbs. On the island they use tomatoes and cinnamon, which is not so common for the Greek’s version. For sure, both types are a must-try!


5. Loukoumades

Do you remember what loukoumades are and why are they so much loved? Maybe this post will give you the information you need. And yet, loukoumades are those little doughy balls that no one would refuse to try. Just to give you a hint, honey, cinnamon, seeds or crushed nuts are also involved here. How sweet does it sound, on the scale from 1 to 10?


So, it turns out Cypriot food has its own signature, but in fact it offers lots of things that Greeks have as well.

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