5 Super Refreshing Drinks that make Summer Fantastic

Finally! The long-awaited summer is here and it’s time for vacations, outdoor walks, lots of sunlight, many beaches and salty water baths. However, during those hot days we always have to think of some ways to refresh ourselves. Except all mentioned, we shouldn’t forget that summer also means more fluid intake! So, how to quench your thirst when the summer sun is draining all of your energy? Here’s our list of 5 super refreshing drinks you could use:
  1. Water
Of course, we must start with water! It’s always the first thing that comes to our mind when we’re looking for a solution to thirst. As we all know it’s super important to drink enough water during the day (no matter if it’s hot or not). By the way, if you still prefer something different from water, you could add some lemon juice in it. This will definitely make it taste better! water
  1. Soda-water
Another healthy alternative is soda-water. To be honest, it’s very good for the long summer days because it may have lots of benefits on your body. Some of them include improved digestion, low appetite, revitalized the organism full of healthy minerals and enzymes. What’s more, soda-water is also dietary – it has 0 calories and can definitely quench your thirst. soda water
  1. Greek beer
To be in Greece and not try the legendary beer Mythos would be a shame! Together with Alfa beer, Mythos is known as some of the most widely spread beer brands throughout the whole country. Both are light with very interesting (but different) taste. In case you don’t have time to skip over to Greece for the week, you can always find these special beers as you click here. greek beer Mythos
  1. Retsina
Remember what we talked about the famous Greek white wine Retsina? Maybe this post will refresh your memory. While beer is more of a during-the-day drink, Retsina is a good company for dinner. This white wine is popular all over the world as one of the best Greek wines (especially for the summer)! retsina
  1. Ouzo
What would summer food be without ouzo?! In fact, this traditional Greek drink is way more popular than the beer. The anise that’s present in it is what makes it so special and distinctive. However, don’t forget to mix it with some water because if you rely on the drink in its pure form, you might not remember how summer ended! ouzo What are your favorite ways to refresh yourself in the summer days? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below! In the meantime, read more articles on our Blog: All you Need to Know about St. John’s Wort (+A Curative Recipe) 5 Healthy Reasons to Like Hummus 4 Beauty Tricks with Orange Juice you can Easily Do at Home


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