Lemons or Limes: 4 Basic Differences between those Fruits

Both lemons and limes are pretty similar when it comes to their main characteristics. Actually, the two types of fruits are from the Rutaceae family, or (to use the popular term) the citrus family. Let’s see which the 4 differences between both fruits are, shall we?
  1. Size and look
lemons' and limes' size However similar these fruits are, they have some prominent differences about the size and appearance. Lemons are much bigger than limes, which is the reason why we tend to think of limes as unripe fruits. That’s not the case, though. It’s just their natural look, plus they are usually green, while lemons have yellow color.
  1. Taste
Of course both types of fruits contain citric acid. And how could it be otherwise?! So, be careful about this difference: lemons are said to have more citric acid, but in fact limes feels much sourer. How is that? Well, the latter contain less sugar, which explains why they have this more acidic taste.
  1. Ph balance
If you know your personal acid/alkaline balance in the body, then this information might be useful for you. Lab results show that the yellow fruits tend to have lower acid levels, because their pH levels are higher, respectively. Normally, lemon juice’s pH is from 2 to 2.6, while for lime it’s from 2 to 2,35.
  1. Vitamin C
When it comes to vitamin C, this super important element for our health, both fruits have plenty of it. This vitamin stimulates our immune system and thus protects us from various infections. So, lemons generally contain around 53mg/100g vitamin C, which makes about 64% of the recommended daily intake. On the other hand, limes’ content of vitamin C is around 29mg/100g. You do the math! Some would say that lemons take the lead when it comes to which is “the healthier” from both fruits. However, we should not forget that despite everything, limes and lemons are like siblings. That’s why we should consume them both! Are you already getting the best out of the summer? Refresh yourself with our fizzy drinks with lemon and lime and other cool tastes! Click here to get.


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