5 Things in Chocolate we should be Thankful for

Remember the tree Theobroma Cacao where chocolate’s cocoa beans come from, which we talked about in our blog post? OK, so we dedicate today’s article to the mesmerizing fruits this special tree gifts us with. Let’s see 5 things from chocolate’s content that make life better, shall we?
  1. Calories
That’s right, guys! Forget about diets for a moment, please. Chocolate contains 61% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 5-8% proteins. Despite the fact that there’s a considerable amount of calories in chocolate, they have a neutral effect when it comes to the serum cholesterol. What’s more, scientists say the fatty acids don’t have the tendency to increase cholesterol levels, which is good, right?!
  1. Polyphenols
Thanks to its biologically active compounds chocolate may have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Polyphenols are natural substances that are found in high quantities in fruits, vegetables, cocoa, tea, red wine, etc. In cocoa specifically they reach 20% and their quantity depends on the cocoa beans’ processing – drying and fermentation.
  1. Flavonoids
Number 2 and 3 are somehow connected! In fact, polyphenols in cocoa are part of the flavonoid group. Hence, the little dark brown beans and chocolate contain quite a lot of flavonoids. Did you know their content is 4 times more than the one in tea? Nice, isn’t it?! Chocolate health benefits
  1. Antioxidants
It doesn’t come as a big surprise that all these things that chocolate contains make it a great antioxidant source. Here’s some good news you might already know: the antioxidant effect is might have reference to the healthy heart. Scientists claim that the antioxidant capacity of chocolate is higher than this in fruits and vegetables.
  1. Methylxantines
Here we’re talking about caffeine, theophylline and theobromine – active compounds from the group of methylxantines that have a stimulating effect on the body. Unlike coffee, chocolate contains less caffeine and its consumption is not so much associated with insomnia, overexcitement, unpleasant heart conditions and others. Hurray! Do you enjoy eating chocolate bars? Browse our Chocolate products by category as you click here! Read more on the Blog: Here are 10 Interesting Olive facts! 5 High-Protein Foods Everyone can Eat


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