ТOP 4 Greek Delicacies That are ‘a Must’

We believe that just as any other art, cookery is a boundless ‘universe’, especially when it comes to Greek delicacies. The traditional food in this Mediterranean country is undoubtedly one of the best things on Earth! Is it because of people’s love and passion for food or the secret is elsewhere? We could only guess. If you happen to be a passionate fan of the Mediterranean cuisine, this article is definitely for you. See our list of 4 TOP Greek dishes that you shouldn’t miss:
  1. Pasta
Who doesn’t like pasta?! Let’s be honest here – Greeks adore it. They cook it in literally any form and it always tastes great. A typical and very common pasta meal is the so called pastitsio. Just a single bite is enough for you to feel the delicious macaroni, eggs, lamb or veal and the unique taste of béchamel sauce on top. Let’s not forget about all the spices like garlic, cinnamon and nutmeg that hide somewhere in between the layers. pastitsio
  1. Gyros
If you know what Greek food tastes like, you must be familiar with the gyros. This is specially prepared bread, in which you can find slices of chicken, lamb or pork meat. Picture all this gently seasoned with fragrant olive oil and baked on the grill. Oh, don’t think that’s all! People usually put tomatoes, onion, tzatziki and fried potatoes for best results. gyros
  1. Souvlaki
When speaking about pita bread, we can’t miss mentioning one of the most popular foods in the world – souvlaki. These meat bites on a spit are so tasty when combined with other traditional Greek products that they make you long for more! Not only are they super tasty, but they are also healthy. If you don’t believe us, read more here. souvlaki
  1. Saganaki
We’re starting to get hungry now! Saganaki is a very popular food in Greece and in many other countries actually. It consists of various types of Greek cheese that are appropriate for frying. You can find it with Graviera, Kasseri, Kefalotyri or, of course, Halloumi cheese. Just melt it in a pot and serve with lemon juice and some bread. Easy-peasy! saganaki In case you still haven’t tried these, now is your chance to do so! Get your traditional Greek food from our food section by clicking here. By the way, read more on our Blog: 4 Reasons to Include Chicken in your Menu 3 Easy Pasta Recipes that are Simply Delicious


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