5 Things to Expect when you Quit Meat

Not eating meat is a choice just like any other. And, of course, there’s always two sides of the coin! Carnivorousness has its own pros and cons, its true fans and most vigorous enemies… We’re not going to convince you in anything here. As we said, whether you eat meat or not is up to you and only you. We are all free to make our own decisions and accept the consequences of them, aren’t we? Anyways, here’s what we learnt could happen to our body when we quit meat:
  1. You might need more supplements
If you tend to eat lots of fruits, veggies, nuts and grains, your vitamin and mineral levels will most probably be OK. However, in case you happen to skip those healthy foods, you might need some supplements in order to compensate. All in all, if you’re new to this vegetarian situation, we would suggest you do some blood tests at least two months after quitting meat. iron sources
  1. You might feel bloated
Well, in our stomach ‘live’ some little creatures called enzymes. It’s said that we have enzymes that can dissolve both meat and plant proteins. If you replace the meat proteins with plant ones, you’ll increase the stodgy carbohydrates intake. This might lead to bloating and … gas. You don’t wanna end up like this, we guess?!
  1. You might reduce the risk of heart attack
Here’s something “pro-vegetarian”! There are important scientific researches with more than 76 thousand men and women, which show some amazing results. It turns out that vegetarians tend to have 24% less risk of ischemic heart disease than the ‘meat lovers’.
  1. You might have change in the sense of taste
Those who quit meat usually say they lose their sense of taste. This has a logical explanation, though. Japanese research claims that the low zinc levels are responsible for those unpleasant feelings. So, if you don’t take enough zinc, this might disbalance the normal functioning of your senses. zinc foods
  1. Your muscles might need more time to recover
Basically, proteins help the muscles ‘recharge’ after a serious workout. In case you do sports regularly and decide to stop eating meat, the post workout period might be a bit tough to you. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to include more soy, coconut milk and fresh fruits in your ‘vegetarian’ menu. Read more interesting things about food, herbs, drinks and many more on our Blog section: 4 Ways to Prevent Yourself from Catching Virus Infections 4 Q&A about Grape Sugar you Might be Interested to Know How to enjoy your Coffee – the Ultimate Guide to Combining Coffee and Food


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