6 Cool Facts about Beer and its Uses

No matter what life throws at you, a cold beer will always help.” Now, that’s definitely a fact! Good old summer days are coming (it doesn’t even have to be summer to enjoy beer), right? So, we are about to reveal some of the most interesting beer facts we know. Hey, in case you wanna read more amazing stuff about the all-time-favorite drink, check out this article we posted a few months ago! Otherwise, let’s get this party started, shall we?! Read on to learn 6 cool facts about beer and its uses:
  1. Did you actually know that there are over 40 000 types and brands of beer all across Europe?
  2. Back in Ancient times the drink was considered a sign for wealth and that’s why it was always on the table. What’s more, people also used it as medicine, for various beauty procedures and (pay attention here!) as a source to “pay in nature”.
  3. An interesting thing to know is that people in Babylon used to celebrate “beer month” instead of the regular “honey month” (a.k.a. honeymoon). The tradition was for the bride’s father to treat his son-in-law with beer every day after the first wedding month. The idea behind this? Well, it had to make the groom understand that he might change the beer, but never the wife!
  4. In order to build the pyramids, the Egyptians received around 4 l of beer every day. Who would refuse such a remuneration?! It was all to guarantee the workers are fresh and powerful while they work.
  5. Here comes some science! Some recent data proves that beer and milk are the only liquids that contain the molecule nicotinamide riboside. We know it may sound quite unfamiliar to you, but this molecule might protect from obesity as it can improve metabolism and prolong life.
  6. It turns out that beer yeast itself might be something to thank for. Especially when it comes to your beauty, ladies! People believe it has the property to even the wrinkles and to make skin softer and more elastic. What is might also do is to protect the nails and make your hair glossy as you like it! All these amazing things turn beer yeast into the perfect supplement to many SPA & balneology procedures as well as for some face masks.
After all this said, what’s not to love about beer? We learnt that it was much loved long ago and we definitely believe this will stay the same for centuries ahead! Browse our Beer category and choose from some of the best beer types as you click here!


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