5 Things you Need for the Perfect Chickpea Brownie

Christmas is coziness, a glass of wine beside the fireplace. It’s all white and fluffy. Christmas is a true miracle. Wait! Christmas is already over, what are we talking about!? No worries, today’s chickpea brownie guide isn’t just for the holidays. You can actually make it anytime you want and the results will always be…Well, you’ll see! Maybe you’re already asking yourself “How on Earth do chickpeas get into the picture?!” They do, guys! Chickpeas are actually the main hero here and that’s what makes the brownies taste so good. And (here’s another pro) what’s best is that you don’t need to tell anyone what’s inside. They won’t be able to guess anyway! So, let’s see how the magic goes:
  1. Nuts
What’s a healthy dessert without some nuts?! Choose walnuts, almonds or whatever you like. You can always soak them in water a few hours before you start, but that’s optional. Anyways, make sure you cut them into big parts before mixing with the other products.
  1. Chocolate
Oh, we’re not going to skip this one for sure! The main thing you need to do here is to melt the chocolate using a water bath. We don’t even have to say how wonderful the aroma will be, do we?
  1. Dates
These exotic fruits are another asset of our simple and yet extraordinary recipe. Just like the nuts, you can soak them either in water or in some liqueur by choice. This way you’ll have an extra pinch of craziness in your brownies.
  1. Tahini
Sesame, sunflower or hazelnut – whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake as they all work perfectly for this recipe. All you need to do here is to mix 1-2 tablespoons of tahini with the other ingredients.
  1. Cocoa butter
Someone once said “Thank God for good genes and cocoa butter!” Oh, yes. There’s definitely a reason for us to thank for such an amazing product. It gives the dessert a bit of oiliness, sweetness and leaves a feeling you’re somewhere at the beach. Why not!? That’s all, folks! If you still want a stricter description of what you have to do, we would love to share it with you. First of all, boil the chickpeas until they are perfectly ready. Then leave aside and in the meantime melt the chocolate. Strain the legumes and mix with the chocolate, tahini, cocoa butter, dates (and a pinch of salt, of course!). Now blend all products until you have a homogenous mixture. In the end, add the nuts and stir well. chickpea brownie Use a baking paper over which to ‘pour’ the thick mixture. Bake for 15-20 min at 170C°. We suggest you don’t cook for too long. You will know the brownie is ready when you can feel it’s still soft. Then let it cool and you’ll notice that it hardens. Try more amazing recipes on our blog section: Greek Shrimp Saganaki: a Recipe that Leaves you Speechless The Big Fat Christmas Cookies: Kourampiedes


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