5 Ways to Take Advantage of Eggplant’s amazing Properties

Do you remember there’s a confusion whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables? Well, it’s no surprise that the same goes with aubergines, a.k.a. eggplants. In fact, some people use to call them ‘blue tomatoes’. Does it make sense now? OK, let’s get to the essence here. Are you eager to know what this fruit’s /vegetable’s health benefits are? Keep reading as you’re about to find out!
  1. Helps with getting thin
Good news: aubergines contain hardly any fats and cholesterol. They are super low in calories, but make no mistake to think they can’t make you feel sated. This food has the property to suppress the appetite, which makes weight reduction much easier.
  1. Reduces the risk of birth defects
Except for all other amazing compounds in eggplants, they also contain folic acid. Guess what it’s important for! Maybe you’ve heard that all pregnant women should have plenty of it before, during and even after pregnancy. Well, thanks to this vitamin, aubergines are said to be great against inborn errors.
  1. Improves digestion
It’s not the only fruit or vegetable that has this amazing property, right? However, it’s never wrong to try different foods that can supply you with beneficial substances. So, scientists say that the fibers in eggplants facilitate the digestion and nutrients’ absorption. Great!
  1. Fights against cancer
Just as potatoes and tomatoes, eggplants have been examined over and over again. The results? Data shows that they have antiproliferative properties, which means they delay the growth of cancer. Hurray!
  1. Benefits the circulatory system
Have you ever heard of nasunin? That’s a phytonutrient, mostly present in aubergine’s outer casing. Laboratory experiments prove that, as an active antioxidant, nasunin benefits the brain tissue and the circulatory system. A proven fact is that it reduces blood cholesterol, relaxes the blood vessel walls and lowers the blood pressure. health benefits of egglant If you’re still not sure whether aubergines are your thing, then maybe you should reconsider. This amazing food has a lot to give! Check out our Greek food products by category and make your choice now! Plus, enjoy other health topics on the Blog section: 5 High-Protein Foods Everyone can Eat 8 Interesting Facts about Tomatoes


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