Eucalyptus – 4 Things that Make it a ‘Must’ at Home

Did you know that people sometimes call Eucalyptus ‘the tree of life”? That’s because it’s not only the tallest broad-leaved tree in the world, but it also brings a lot of benefits. Back in time, the Australian aborigines used to treat their wounds with eucalyptus leaves. They believed that this would stop infections and would speed up the healing process. What’s more, the plant’s essential oil has proven to be one of the best sources against the deadly malaria. Here’s 4 reasons why you should always have eucalyptus close at hand:
  1. Treats respiratory problems
People have always used eucalyptus leaves and its oil in order to cope with respiratory issues. Why? Well, scientists say that the leaves contain between 1.5-3% essential oil, the main compound of which is eucalyptol. This vital element is said to act as an expectorant and this way it helps eliminate spittle and mucus from the sinuses.
  1. Boosts the immune system
If your immune system is weak and you often feel sick, tired and with no mood, then you have to do something about it! With time eucalyptus has shown that it has powerful effect against all kinds of bacterial infections. To help yourself with this problem, eucalyptus tea might be your thing. Preparation: Put 1 cup of water to a boil, add ½ tsp dried eucalyptus leaves and brew for 15 min. eucalyptus essential oil
  1. Fights stress & anxiety
Of course, there are many ways to take advantage of the natural soothing properties of the plant. However, we would again suggest the tea in case you want to get rid of chronic stress. A hot cup of flavorful eucalyptus tea might be the best choice when it comes to dangerous stress hormones and psychological anxiety.
  1. Prevents and controls diabetes
People who suffer from this disease often say that the tea has great effects on the body. No matter if you already have diabetes or you want to prevent it, drinking 1-2 cups of eucalyptus tea a day will do no harm. However, we would suggest consulting a specialist before undertaking this step. In case you still haven’t tried eucalyptus leaves, now is your time to do so! Visit our e-store and buy the product as you click here. Read more on our blog: 5 Healthy Reasons to Like Hummus What is Peppermint Good for: 5 things That might Help you Green vs. Black olives – 3 Common Differences


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