6 Curious Facts about Hummus you Would Love to Know

“Hummus is chickpeas that believed in miracles.” It’s true that chickpeas, the main ingredient in hummus, is a real ‘wonder-food’! In fact, in the last few years it turned into a ‘must-have’ product for most of us. In the Middle East as well as across the Mediterranean countries hummus is a traditional food. It includes mostly chickpeas, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt and sesame paste (tahini). Despite the fact that it’s lots of people’s favourite food, there are still some things many of you probably don’t know about it. Here are 6 curious facts you would love to learn:
  1. Hummus comes from Africa.
Do you know that this exotic dip originates from Africa? As a matter of fact, it was first prepared in Egypt in 13th century. Back then the tasty appetizer didn’t have garlic and lemons, though. So, it’s much tastier today!
  1. There’s a movie about it.
Just as any other great thing (or person), hummus also has been honoured to have a movie. In 2012 an Australian filmmaker Trevor Graham makes a movie “about love, war, sex & politics… with chickpeas.” It’s called “Make Hummus Not War” and the movie is inspired by the hummus making rituals (and many other things) that Graham used to observe.
  1. It’s different depending on the region.
There are lots of countries that take hummus as their own dish. However, each culture has a different method for its preparation. For example, Turkish people usually make it with butter, while in Jordan they replace tahini with yoghurt. Each region also serves the dip in varying temperatures. Some countries prefer to eat it hot, but others like to take it cold. chickpea production
  1. Hummus does better than tobacco.
It turns out that hummus outdoes tobacco in terms of production. In 2013 an American newspaper states that America’s love for hummus is so deep that tobacco-planters start growing chickpeas instead of tobacco. Is it the same in Europe? What do you think?
  1. There’s a Guinness record for hummus.
In May 2010 Lebanon sets a world record for the largest plate full of hummus. Data shows that 300 chefs from the regions near Beirut reached the astounding 23 040kg of hummus. Can you imagine how much chickpeas that is?! chickpea guiness record
  1. Hummus is an aphrodisiac.
Well, it’s a fact that some of you may already know (at least those who have searched for it!). Usually no one would think that hummus would have any aphrodisiac properties. However, most chefs respect legumes as being “The Kings of aphrodisiacs”. Chickpeas is said to contain lots of iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium, which makes it perfect for the strong sex. If you want to learn more about hummus’ amazing properties, make sure to read this article!


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