The Secret about Food Cravings: 6 Chemical Explanations

“Dear stomach, you’re bored. Not hungry. So shut up!” Does this sound like something you would often tell your belly? Well, it happens to everyone from time to time and the good news is there is a reasonable explanation. Specialists say that when our body needs certain vitamins or minerals, we start having food cravings. Before we reveal the secret of this process, though, let’s learn some interesting facts! As you could probably guess, dreaming of specific foods can often lead to overeating. Why is that? Researchers have come to the conclusion that food is actually closely related to emotions. It’s the amygdala, the center for emotions and motivation deep inside our body, which reacts towards food. So, next time you desperately need to snack on something, think about the emotions you are experiencing at this moment. It’s all psychology, guys! Now, back to the main topic! Here are 6 food cravings and their chemical explanations:
  1. When you feel like you need to have a piece of bread at this very moment, don’t be quick to think you are too hungry. It might be a sign that your organism needs some nitrogen. It’s an element that’s present in fish, meat, walnuts or legumes, so you can have any of these more often.
  2. “I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it.” You probably say the same as Pooh when you grab the jar of honey, but you end up with a full tummy. When the bee product is the thing you desire the most, this may signalize that you need iron. In order to compensate its deficiency, try having red or bird meat, cherries or leafy green vegetables.
  3. Craving for a little (or a lot of) fat? This reveals lack of calcium, which is quite important for your health. So, when this happens, make sure you get enough broccoli, cheese or peas.
  4. Of course, we all have those moments when a cup of coffee or any other energizing drink seems like a must. If that’s your case, you might wanna check your sulphur Foods like cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli usually contain the element, so you can rely on them. food cravings
  5. You are not a chocoholic but you suddenly feel the need to eat the whole chocolate at once? Well, most likely this is a signal for magnesium deficiency. If you want to replace the sweet with something healthier, eat some seeds, walnuts or legumes that are also rich in magnesium.
  6. Similar to chocolate cravings, we often wish to grab anything that’s sweet, right? When you have such issues, you can turn to fresh fruits. They contain hydrogen and that’s exactly what dessert cravings might mean.
So, what you should remember from this article is that your body knows best, so listen to it! Browse our food store and supply yourself with the best Greek products on the market!


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