6 Facts about Hazelnuts & their Effects on Health

Did you know that hazelnuts have been associated as a symbol of good luck and fertility ever since Ancient times? Actually, that applies for nuts in general, but today we’re focusing on hazelnuts in particular. It turns out this tasty food definitely has something to surprise us with! Check out 6 wonderful facts about hazelnuts and their beneficial effects on human health:
  1. Control diabetes
In case you don’t know, the little nuts are full of monounsaturated fats and fatty acids that are known to improve blood sugar and insulin levels. Hazelnuts are also quite rich in fibers, which guarantee fast metabolism. Of course, one thing leads to another. We would suppose that having all organs functioning well might be good for preventing diseases like diabetes!
  1. Help lose weight
So, speaking of good metabolism, we can’t help but mention that hazelnuts might even help you lose weight. Thanks to its amazing properties, this food is able to supply your organism with all the essential enzymes it needs. What else can one want?!
  1. Work for the heart health
Well, hazelnuts are not only super crunchy and tasty, but they can also improve our heart work. Specialists say that those nuts might protect us from getting cardiovascular diseases as they reduce the cholesterol levels. What’s more, all the minerals and antioxidants within them make the heart function even better than it does! hazelnuts' health benefits
  1. Stimulate the brain
Ever heard of vitamin E? We bet you have! There’s proof that this vitamin as well as magnesium, folic acid and the fatty acids, which hazelnuts contain, can be a true health bomb for the brain. These might protect us from serious degenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, for example. Plus, they can make us think faster and clearer.
  1. Protect the skin and hair
As you already know, hazelnuts (and nuts in general) tend to have high antioxidant content. This could definitely mean better skin and hair, which look more elastic, young and healthy. And to pay its deserved attention again, vitamin E is said to act as a UV-light protector.
  1. Soothe the nerve system
In order for our nerves to be alright, we need peace and less stress. Sadly, in today’s world that’s quite difficult to achieve, right? You can always help yourself a bit with a daily dose of hazelnuts, though. They contain vitamins from the B group, which are the ones that help soothe the nerve system. Eating hazelnuts alone isn’t your best experience? Then take some of our hazelnut spreads and enjoy the food in another form! Meanwhile, browse more on our food section as you click here!


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