6 Interesting Types of Pasta + their Distinctive Features

“Pasta doesn’t make you fat. How much pasta you eat makes you fat.” True or not? According to Daily Mail this kind of food doesn’t have a negative effect on the weight. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should eat pasta all the time! Actually, it wouldn’t affect your good-looking body, if you consume it within a healthy diet regimen. So, here’s 6 types of pasta you could choose from:
  1. Ditali
Each sort of pasta has its own specifics like shape, cooking recommendations and others. Ditali are short macaroni that look like thimbles with holes on both sides. In case you’re wondering how to prepare it, we would suggest putting it into soups or salads. ditali
  1. Linguine
These long and flat sorts of spaghetti are a great way to make a salad look completed. Their interesting name /Linguine/ literally means “tongues”, which comes from their plane surface. You definitely have to try them! linguine
  1. Orzo
Orzo are little macaroni grains that some people say look like barley. Have you given them a chance? You could make a very good use of them, if you want to put some freshness in your soup. And do you know they are a big part of Greek cuisine as well? orzo
  1. Penne
This pasta resembles the Ditali sort in some ways. However, it’s more of a tube that’s been cut diagonally. Penne is the perfect choice for all kinds of sauces and healthy products. Trust us, you won’t make a mistake if you combine it with roasted meals. penne
  1. Spaghetti
Who doesn’t know a thing about spaghetti – the most widely spread type of pasta in the whole world?! Anyway, these long and thin sticks go super well with various sauces. We bet you already have your favorite type of spaghetti, don’t you? spaghetti
  1. Farfalle
Now that’s a strange pasta name, don’t you think? This doesn’t end up with the name, though. Their shape resembles pretty much a ribbon, which is actually the meaning of the word in Italian. Namely because of their special form lots of cooks prefer to serve them in the plate. farfalle So, do all these make it the choice a bit difficult? Who said you should stick with just one type of pasta? Check out our Pasta variety and fill that basket!


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