6 Reasons Why you Blueberries Are a Must

As we all know these little tasty berries can do a lot of good things to our bodies! And by the way, don’t think that they’ll have zero benefits, if you consume them frozen. Do you remember our blog post about the difference between fresh and frozen vegetables? Well, it’s basically the same with fruits. Science says that freezing any fruit (like blueberries) isn’t harmful to the fruits at all. The low temperatures won’t kill the healthy ingredients even 6 months after you’ve put them in the freezer. So, here’s 6 simple reasons why blueberries are a must:
  1. Protect the eyes
Well this superfood can definitely benefit our eyes. Scientific data proves that these little ones can have a significant reaction against excessive sunlight and oxygen toxicity.
  1. Improve the memory
There’s a research which concludes that older people who eat blueberries every day for 12 weeks have better results in cognitive tests than those who don’t. The anthocyanin, which gives the fruits their specific color, can also help preserve the brain cells. This means less chance of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.
  1. Promote healthy heart
If you’re a fan of our blog, you might have noticed that most fruits and veggies are said to benefit the heart functions. Again, eating blueberries can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. That’s because these fruits can improve the blood flow.
  1. Protect the nervous system
Just as most fruits blueberries are super rich in antioxidants that protect the nerve cells from the damage caused by oxygen. As a matter of fact, our nerve cells are constantly exposed to the risk of oxygen toxicity. That’s why we have to protect ourselves. blueberries' health benefits
  1. Improve digestion
Not only can blueberries serve as great protectors of the digestive system, but they can also fight against the free radicals that (we all know this!) cause cancer. For this very reason this superfood might be a powerful ally if you’re suffering from colon cancer.
  1. Normalize the blood sugar
Diabetic patients that have high blood sugar levels can only take advantage of blueberries’ amazing properties! They are said to have beneficial effects when it comes to blood sugar. In fact, people who eat at least 3 portions of blueberries a day might normalize the sugar levels. Don’t forget you can now buy from our pack of 12 Blueberry jams with no preservatives or colors as you click here!


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