6 Uncommon Facts about Coffee that Might Surprise You

“What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.” How curious, huh?! If you are a sworn fan of coffee, then you probably know there’s so much magic in this beverage. Especially in those days when you’re in desperate need of something flavorful and refreshing, right? Here’s our list of 6 coffee facts that will definitely make you love it even more:
  1. Are you one of those people who think coffee is what makes you wake up in the morning? If so, let me prove you wrong. In the morning your body produces the hormone cortisol (that makes you feel alert) anyway. So, in case coffee is part of your morning routine, there’s nothing bad about it. However, you better wait until 9-10 o’clock when your cortisol levels are lower and then you can have your cup of coffee.
  2. According to the legends, the Ethiopian herdsmen were the first to consume coffee. Why? Because they observed how energetic the goats became after eating the fruits and leaves of coffee trees.
  3. It's not an open secret that this wonderful drink will most likely take care of your health. Coffee beans contain lots of antioxidants, which help fight the free radicals that are responsible for most diseases. So, even if you’re not a coffee lover, don’t be afraid to have a sip from time to time! the coffee belt
  4. Have you ever heard of The Coffee Belt? Imagine a belt that goes through the whole planet. People say that the countries that lie within this belt are perfect for cultivating coffee. That’s because they have the ideal circumstances like good temperatures, precipitation and fertile soil. Of course, all these territories are located around the Equator.
  5. Many people say that caffeine has dehydrating properties, but the truth lies somewhere else. In fact, if you don’t drink so much coffee you won’t experience negative dehydrating effects. So, if you’re a moderate coffee user there’s nothing to worry about!
  6. Speaking of caffeine, are you aware of how fast its effects hit you? Well, the answer is: pretty quickly. Actually, coffee’s vitalizing effects start around 10 minutes after you get your first sip. What do you think - is this your case as well?
Wow, the amazing plant we all adore has so many secrets we barely expect to exist. Share your personal experience with coffee with us – do you enjoy drinking it, how it affects your mood and all that! And, by the way, if you’re out of coffee, don’t hesitate to purchase from our e-store!


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