What is Stevia – 5 Interesting Things you Might not Know

Let’s talk about something sweet today! Stevia is a natural sweetener, a sugar substitute that’s popular all over the world. It comes from the leaves of the plant Stevia rebaudiana and you may also find it as ‘the Sweet Grass’ or ‘the “Honey” Herb’. OK, let’s see if you know these 5 things about the product:
  1. Back in time, people in South America used to consume fresh stevia. They added the plant’s leaves directly into various herbal teas. Why is that? Lab results show that the amazing sweetener is much healthier than the white sugar we tend to use all the time.
  2. Coming from the previous statement, we can’t miss to throw light on stevia’s health benefits. Scientists prove that with the exotic plant we can easily get the sweet effect we want without having any risks for our organism.
  3. So, how is this plant so sweet and so healthy at the same time? Well, the truth is the natural product contributes for normal metabolism without the participation of insulin and with no overloading the body with too many calories. You can put a tiny bit of stevia in your drink and you’ll get the dose that only A LOT of sugar can give you.
  4. Not only is stevia beneficial to the immune system, but it may also promote normal heart functioning. Wait, there’s more! In case you’re suffering from high cholesterol levels, we suggest you try substituting sugar for stevia. The sweet plant neutralizes and decreases bad cholesterol, improves elasticity and permeability of the small blood vessels. It’s already proven!
  5. OK, so far so good. What about stevia’s use in the food & beverage industry? Well, the big companies have already orientated towards the product. Coca Cola, for example, put a green Cola with stevia on the market. The all-time-favorite drink is now with less sugar content, which makes it super low in calories. Don’t worry! Despite this change, the taste we’re all craving for is still the same. How is this magic possible? We don’t know!
By the way, if the last point got your interest, see for yourself that it’s true by clicking here!


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