7 More Bubble Gum Facts You Would Love to Know

Do you know when people celebrate National Bubble Gum Day this year? Well, if you know the date, then you’re definitely a fan! Actually, it’s on the 7th of February, which is already in the past. This doesn’t mean we should forget about bubble gums, though. A few posts ago we listed 10 of the most curious facts about bubble gum and its uses. You missed the article? Check it out here! Otherwise, let’s have some fun and see 7 more bubble gum facts, shall we?!
  1. You know those gums with tiny little pictures on them, don’t you? Well, you might be interested to know that the first ones like these showed up back in 1930. They used to illustrate war heroes as well as professional athletes.
  2. Who doesn’t like to blow gum bubbles?! In fact, there’s hardly anybody who didn’t compete with the others when they were kids about making the biggest balloon. The World Record was set in 1994 by Susan Williams who blew a 58,42cm bubblegum bubble. How cool is that?! bubblegum bubble
  3. Today many people are looking for sugar-free gums. There’s been always a choice as they first appeared in the early 50s. It turns out people started thinking ‘healthy’ long time ago, huh!
  4. You know who Michael Jordan is, right? Well, during his basketball career he often got a bubble gum inside his mouth. He said it helped him concentrate! By the way, if you’re surprised by this fact, read this article and learn how gums stimulate the brain.
  5. Speaking of brain functioning, we should also mention something about the connection between bubble gums and memory. Psychologists claim that bubble gums can actually improve our ability to remember. They found out that students who had a bubble gum during an exam showed much better results! benefits of chewing gum
  6. Let’s think about the previous two points for a moment! If that’s true (and it is!), why don’t teachers start giving each good student a bubble gum as a reward? This way they’ll not only be more and more stimulated to learn, but they’ll also improve their test results. Wait, that’s already a fact! Teachers are really doing this in some schools.
  7. Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters frontman, says he still chews stick-jaw while on stage. According to him, this makes his vocal cords function better and at the same time keeps his mouth from going dry.
Which of these facts seems to get your attention the most? Drop us a comment down below so we can discuss it! In the meantime, browse our Candies & Gums as you click here! 15 Good Reasons to Eat Olives Every Day 7 Tips on When & How to Eat Sweets to Keep a thin Waistline 6 Cool Facts about Beer and its Uses


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