7 Curious Facts about Grapes and Wine

Where does wine come from? Grapes, of course! And you probably know the good old saying: “The older the grapes, the sweeter the wine.” In fact, grapes exist since at least 65 million years and now they’re super popular all around the world (especially when associated with wine!). How about you grab a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy the rest of this article?! Here’s 7 curious facts about the lovely fruits:
  1. Do you know that grapes cultivated for direct consumption are popular as table or dessert grapes? They tend to have a thin skin and less seeds in comparison to the grapes that are usually a part of the wine production industry.
  2. The most common colors of this food are red, white and blue. Sounds familiar, right?! Are you aware, though, that the most widespread type of grapes is named sultanina?
  3. It’s said that a single portion of grapes can supply the organism with 27% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. The fruits are also rich in vitamin K and they don’t contain any fat, sodium or cholesterol. How cool is that!
  4. The truth is grapes have lots of applications. Except for the raw version or the one which turns the fruits into alcohol, grapes can also turn into a juice, marmalade, jelly or raisins. We’re not discovering hot water here! raisins
  5. Some experts say thay need around 4kg of grapes in order to produce just one bottle of wine. Isn’t this a lot of work?!
  6. Good news is grapes contain around 80% water, which automatically turns them into a great diet supplement. A single glass of grape juice consists of probably no more than 90 calories!
  7. Surprisingly (or not so much), it’s estimated that today there are almost 16 000 grape varieties all across the world. How many of them have you tried?
No matter how you use these fruits, they are still one of the most popular and tasty ones! Don’t you agree? In case you’re out of wine to accompany you in a nice relaxing evening, supply yourself with our Greek wines on our e-store. Click here to choose from a variety of sorts!


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