7 Interesting Facts about Figs that you (probably) Didn’t know

“The Gods’ fruits’ - yes, that’s how you'll find the word for figs in case you're digging somewhere in the past. These little beauties are the symbol of wealth and aristocracy even today. For that very reason, plus the fact that it's already the fig season now, today we give you some interesting stuff to read. And if you're still not able to find fresh figs wherever you are, don't forget there’s always a chance to spread some mouthwatering fig jam over a crunchy slice of bread! Wanna learn some curious facts about these summer fruits? Keep reading!
  1. It’s said that 3 figs with normal size contain 140 calories and 5g fibers. Do you know what this means? That makes more fibers than in 1 cup of oat flakes or 1 slice of wholegrain bread!
  2. Figs are very rich in calcium, which is a certain guaranty for good cholesterol levels. In fact, they contain 16% of the recommended daily intake of calcium!
  3. These small fruits are one of the sweetest ones as they contain 55% natural sugar.
  4. Having anaemia? You definitely have to start consuming figs more often as they contain iron and manganese.
  5. According to folk medicine the white juice coming out of figs’ leaves may cure warts. It’s totally safe for everyone and gives amazing results!
  6. Did you know that scientists have found fig fossils that date from 9400-9200 B.C.?! It seems those fruits are pretty old, huh?
  7. There's a very old sayint that Buddha got enlightenment while doing his meditation under a Fig tree. Isn’t that interesting?!
These wonderful fruits are so tasty that one can hardly resist them! If you’re impatient to have some, don’t forget you can always purchase your fig jam by clicking here.


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