Oat Flakes: 4 Reasons why they Make a Great Breakfast

“Oats are like a little black dress of breakfast – they go with everything and they are so very flattering!” You probably know this yourself as this amazing cereal food makes breakfast simply amazing. In combination with honey or fruits, oats turn into a powerful ally when it comes to good health. If you’re still not a fan of this superfood, we suggest you give some thought to these 4 suggestions:
  1. Reduce blood pressure
Sadly, it’s true that heart problems are the scourge of our age. But when you take good care of your body, the results won’t be late. Health specialists suggest that we eat oat flakes (or wholegrain bread) on a regular basis. Why? This way we can effectively reduce high blood pressure – just as if we’re taking heart pills.
  1. Anti-colon cancer effects
The risk of colon cancer development increases due to various reasons. Some of them include overweight, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, etc. Scientific data shows that there’s a connection between foods rich in fibers and low risk of colon cancer. Luckily, the cereal crops are full of fibers, so don’t hesitate to get some oat flakes tomorrow morning!
  1. Promote healthy sleep
We know it’s a common thing to have oat flakes for breakfast and a glass of milk before going to bed. However, Scottish people do it the opposite way. Many of them eat a bowl of oats in the evening because they say it makes them sleep better during the night. What about you?
  1. Helps with weight control
Data from Molecular Nutrition & Food Research proves that glucan, which is present in oat flakes, may reduce appetite. How it does it? Well, it increases the secretion of cholecystokinin – the hormone that fights against hunger. That’s why a bowl of oat flakes and yoghurt would make a perfect start of the day! To get yourself a super delicious ready-to-eat breakfast, check out our healthy Cookies with thyme honey, oat flakes and other tasty products as you click here! Also, follow our Blog to learn more interesting info like: 8 Reasons to put Mustard in your Meal The Secret Behind the Tasty Rice – 8 Steps to Perfection 5 Ways to Take Advantage of Eggplant’s amazing Properties


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