7 Suggestions on When & How to Drink Coffee

We bet there’s hardly anybody who could start the day without a flavorful cup of coffee! This all-time favorite drink is in such a great demand despite the fact that some researches claim it may have negative effects on the body. That’s why it’s good to know when and how to consume it the right way. When?
  1. Well, we would say you better don’t drink coffee too early. It all has to do with cortisol – the so called stress hormone. Basically, our bodies produce it naturally and it is at its highest levels between 8 and 9AM, between 12 and 1PM and between 5.30 and 6.30PM. So, according to science drinking coffee within these hours isn’t advisable. Simply put, during this time periods our brain is already under its natural ‘caffeine influence’.
  2. Don’t get stressed out, there are still some time gaps when you can enjoy your sins. That’s between 9.30 and 11.30AM as well as between 1.30 and 5PM. During these periods the cortisol levels are very low, which means coffee can save us here.
coffee time How?
  1. First of all, why don’t you try cutting down on sugar? We know you wouldn’t even notice there’s sugar when it’s dissolved in the coffee, but that’s exactly where the tricky part is. Overweight is just waiting for you to succumb to the temptation, right?! Don’t worry, you can always replace white sugar with other things. Read about the best healthy alternative sweeteners here.
  2. Imagine you’re in a café with some friends and you order your favorite beverage! If you like coffee with milk, you better ask for real cow milk and not the pseudo-dairy products in small packages which usually go with the drink.
  3. However, in case you prefer to drink it at home, we would suggest you use filtrated instead of tap water. This way you’ll not only have a tastier coffee, but it will also be much healthier.
  4. Speaking of health, what can you do to get the maximum out of your coffee? Well, try adding some cinnamon, cocoa or cocoa butter. Not all together, of course! You won’t need much of these in order to make the drink healthy. All three products are proven to have beneficial effects on the body. coffee with cinnamon
  5. Last but not least, make sure not to drink coffee on an empty stomach. Otherwise you could end up tired instead of energized because caffeine will play around with the blood sugar and insulin levels. So, be careful!
Of course, you choose for yourself which of these suggestions would work for you and which wouldn’t! By the way, shop from our best Coffee as you click here! 4 Reasons Why you Should Take a Spoonful of Olive Oil Every Day Sage: 9 Effects and Uses that you (probably) didn’t Know Sweet Corn – How Many Health Facts Can you List?


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