7 Uncommon Facts about Coffee – Part 3

“Life is like a cup of coffee. It’s all about how you prepare it and take it…” If you’re also one of those people who can’t think of getting up without the favorite mug, then you know what we’re talking about. It’s true that high-quality coffee and the good preparation are what turns the drink into the magical beverage we all know. So, today we keep the tradition alive and go on with the next dose of ‘coffee facts’! Here’s 7 more reasons for you to love the flavorful drink:
  1. Specialists say coffee is full of vital substances that can help us stay healthy for a long, long time. We’re speaking of vitamin B2 (a single cup can give you 11% of the recommended daily intake), B5, manganese, potassium, etc. Hey, you haven’t forgotten what other important stuff does the drink contain, have you? If so, make sure to read more here!
  2. Ever heard of Black Ivory? In case you still don’t know about this, here’s something that might surprise you. Black Ivory is known to be the most expensive coffee sort and it’s made of what? Yes, you read that right. If you happen to have extra money you could give for some exotic pleasure, that one is just for you! coffee's health benefits
  3. Guys, it turns out that the all-time-favorite drink is not only good for the liver (check out Part 2 for more), but also for the brain. A couple of researches show that older people who drink coffee regularly have 65% less chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease. How cool is that!
  4. Quite an interesting fact is that the first web camera in the World has something to do with coffee preparation. Back in 1991 a bunch of Cambridge University students set a camera over a coffee machine so they can observe the making process from the other room. Check out the authentic pictures below!
    web camera coffee World's first Web Cam
  5. Do you like Espresso? Well, we have to tell you that it’s thought to have less caffeine than the one prepared using a coffee-pot. What’s more, people say espresso is a “fast” coffee, because the machines tend to let the water under high pressure through the crushed beans. So, due to the quick contact between coffee and water, the caffeine in Espresso is in much lower quantities.
  6. Did you know that in some countries people still tend to harvest the coffee beans by hand? That’s amazing! The true professionals are actually able to harvest up to 7 baskets of beans per day, each about 100kg. Let’s appreciate what they do as we sip some coffee in that empty mug, shall we? coffee harvesting
  7. Are you an Olympics participant? If the answer is “no”, then you shouldn’t worry about having your cup of coffee. For the rest of you, though, the situation is not that simple. Caffeine is in the list of prohibited substances according to the International Olympic Committee. If a doping test shows more than 12 micrograms of caffeine per liter within an athlete’s urine, he/she will definitely be disqualified.
We’ll never get rid of writing about coffee, because this is one of the best drinks ever! What do you think? Drop us some comments down below! Meanwhile, browse our Coffee category as you click here!


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