8 Cool Facts about Pistachio & its Uses

“Life is like a pistachio, hard from outside, salty and tasty from inside.” This analogy is actually quite true because these nuts may seem rough at first, but what’s inside is what really matters. In fact, pistachios are one of the tastiest types of nuts! Here are 8 cool facts about pistachios and their uses:
  1. It’s most likely unfamiliar to you that these nuts were considered a food for the royalty in the past. According to the legends, the Queen of Sheba (today Yemen) was desperately in love with Because of this she enacted a law, which stated that only she and people from the royalty were to eat pistachios. Isn’t this enough of a reason for us to feel grateful that we are able to enjoy pistachios freely today?!
  2. There are some rumors that a few centuries ago people used to eat the resin from pistachio trees. In 17th century mostly people from Ukraine believed that this particular resin was able to make your breath fresh. So, that’s why they often got to chew some!
  3. Another interesting thing about the nuts is that Indians still think pistachio is able to warm the soul. Literally! Probably that’s the reason why they eat so much of it during the cold winter months. It just makes them warm. Who are we to question this!?
  4. According to some, hearing the cracking of a pistachio’s shell is a symbol of luck. In the Middle East this sound is prediction of a good relationship. For this very reason there are couples who meet around pistachio trees in order to hear the blessing crack.
  5. Are you aware of the fact that pistachios and mangos actually belong to the same family? Indeed they do! Alongside with cashew nuts and mango, pistachio is a member of the Anacardiaceae family. pistachio nut proportions
  6. Some people say that pistachio trees are among the oldest ones to blossom. They might be existent from around 9000 years and if it’s so, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise!
  7. In case you don’t remember, pistachio is one of the two types of nuts that are present in the Bible. The holy book says that pistachios are among the very first foods that Adam brought to Heaven. Which one is the other type? Almonds.
  8. In 2014 year Turkey pointed out quite an intriguing idea. Do you remember what it is? Well, the country had this thought of supplying whole cities only with electricity that’s been generated from pistachio’s shells. Can you imagine this becoming real?! Well, it’s still not a fact, though.
What are your favorite types of nuts? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section down below! 4 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day with Yoghurt Sesame Seeds: 5 Things that Prove it’s Healthy Filo vs. Puff Pastry – 4 Things that Make them Different


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