The Unexpected History about Tiramisu

Someone once said: “I believe in love at first sight between a person and tiramisu.” Oh, we should think so! Probably there’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t like a big, juicy piece of tiramisu. “Pick me up”, this is what the Italian phrase ‘tira mi su’ actually means. It’s up to you how you would interpret it, but we would say it might have something to do with cheering up. Because, after all, it’s namely tiramisu that gives the pleasure before, during or after the meal! The history of this spectacular and extravagant dessert is quite interesting and…unexpected, so to say. As we all know it consists of layers of ladyfingers soaked in coffee and brandy or liqueur with mascarpone and sugar. Of course, let’s not forget about the final touch, which is cocoa powder! tiramisu ladyfingers So, there’s a legend that says tiramisu was first prepared in Siena, Italy. It was in honor of Cosimo de Medici, a former banker and politician with lots of power and influence. He fell in love with the dessert so much that it was then called “the soup of the Duke”, named after his title. Once while crossing the country, the duke left the eerie recipe in Florence. At this time, the city was considered an intellectual center, which was the reason why this ‘soup’ became so popular in no time. Gradually (but quite fast, actually!) tiramisu’s charm started reaching more and more foreigners. This is how it eventually appeared in England, where the dessert got its other names “English soup” and “trifle”.

So, here’s the sexy version of tiramisu’s history!

According to another theory, the sweet we all know as tiramisu has a much more sexual context. Did you know that people used to associate it with the Venetian courtesans? Tiramisu was a popular thing across the brothels, because the ladies of pleasure really liked eating it. They believed it could give them power for the love adventures that were coming ahead. They also thought that tiramisu might help them perform at their best in front of men. In fact, if you think deeply, you can find the logic behind this. Tiramisu is usually a caloric dessert. What’s more, coffee and cocoa are definitely products that we know to give strength and energy because of the present caffeine. Italians even still believe that the dessert is a strong aphrodisiac and this is why they use it quite frequently. tiramisu dessert So, next time you eat tiramisu, you can feel all the sexiness that comes from within, because there really is a reason! Go grab our tiramisu pot box and enjoy the feeling of real sensations of love and passion!


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