9 Spices that Make Beans the Perfect Meal

Whether you are cooking a bean soup or a stew, no matter if it’s a vegetable dish or made with meat, beans always taste amazing. In case this legume is not a weekly part of your menu, maybe it’s time for a change. Although popular as a food, if one doesn’t use the right spices when cooking beans, this might be a disaster! Here’s what you need to know about seasoning your bean dish:
  1. There are all kinds of bean types – giant and small ones with various color patterns. The spice that goes well with all of them is, of course, peppermint! Most people use it dried, but if you have it in the garden, don’t hesitate to add it fresh.
  2. Intending to surprise the family with a bean soup? Well, don’t forget that the combination between peppermint and savory is what gives the dish a unique taste. Not only tasty, but also very aromatic! bean soup with peppermint
  3. Have you ever tried adding red hot chili peppers and red pepper powder in your bean stew? Trust me, it’s going to make you long for another plateful full of spicy ingredients.
  4. Hey, there’s no chance we miss salt and black pepper. Classics! Of course, it’s not necessary to go too far with the quantities, right?
  5. If you are going to cook a bean stew, for example, try adding chopped parsley at the end. It literally turns the dish into magic! beans with parsley
  6. On the contrary, in case you want to have a bean salad (which is also very popular, by the way), then herbs like oregano, thyme and fennel would do the work.
  7. Did you know that a mixture of mustard seeds, coriander powder and cumin makes butter-beans taste like heaven? You’ve got to try it! flat beans
  8. A lot of people use coriander for flat beans. It also goes well with ginger and red pepper powder.
  9. Ever heard of tarragon? This exotic herb has a very specific, intense aroma and it can make your bean meal very delicious as well.
As you see, there are all kinds of combinations when it comes to cooking beans. The thing is you’ve got to try different variations and choose which one matches your own taste. Browse our Food section and enjoy traditional, organic Greek products as you click here!


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