Nutmeg – How does It help & When to Avoid it?

The East is always fascinating us with the strange, exotic fruits and spices it offers. We are lucky enough to have at hand their wonderful products that come throughout the whole world. Have you ever heard of nutmeg, for example? Sure you have! This amazing herb is so special that it deserves some attention. Firstly, how about some brief history? Nutmeg comes from Indonesia and it’s a plant called Myristica fragrans. Doesn’t the name itself give you the feeling of something super exotic and very flavorful?! So, it’s mainly used for two types of spices. The first one is the so called mace, which is made from the nutmeg seed’s aril (the seed covering). The second herb is, of course, the very famous nutmeg itself, which is basically the powder from the seeds. nutmeg tree OK, let’s talk a bit about nutmeg’s amazing properties and how it actually helps! It contains lots of dietary fibers and minerals such as copper and manganese. In case you wanna know, these two minerals are essential to the bone structure as well as for the sex hormones. All in all, the moderate (!) consumption of nutmeg is probably going to improve your:
  • Digestion – A single pinch of nutmeg powder might help your stomach work better!
  • Sleep – In case you have some trouble, put a little bit of nutmeg in the tea or milk before bed.
  • Skin – Here’s a simple trick: mix a pinch of nutmeg powder, water and honey. Apply this mixture over skin spots, pigmentary changes or scars.
  • Immune system – Did you know that nutmeg and turmeric are said to be the best spices for your immune system?
  • Mental health – However strange may seem to you, nutmeg powder will most probably deal with any kind of psychological issues like anxiety, stress levels and others.
nutmeg powder So far so good! Let’s see, though, why everyone should be careful when using this exotic spice. Specialists say that we mustn’t consume it every day and when we do, it shouldn’t be more than 2 teaspoons of nutmeg powder a day. Why? Because this might lead to allergic reactions even to people who are not sensitive. What’s more, if you use the spice in dishes, do not use more than ½ teaspoon of the powder. It contains small amounts of myristicin, which is, however, psychoactive and might act as a drug, so be careful! Find 100% pure herbs & spices by category on our website as you click here!


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