Aloe Vera – Check Out these 8 Interesting Facts about the Plant!

“Of all the herbs I’ve ever studied – and I’ve written thousands of articles on nutrition and disease prevention – aloe vera is the most impressive herb of them all.” Isn’t this quite a compliment about the ‘modern’ herb! And it makes sense, actually. There’s so much information about aloe vera’s amazing properties, right? That’s why we decided to summarize some of the most interesting facts for you. Keep reading!
  1. Do you know where aloe vera was ‘born’? Come on, it’s South Africa, of course. Plus, there are around 180 different types of the plant as a whole.
  2. Lots of products today have aloe vera extract as a main ingredient. Where does it come from, though? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The ‘juice’ or ‘gel’ hides within the plant’s leaves. aloe vera gel
  3. Speaking of aloe vera gel, it’s said to be super healthy for the skin as it has hydrating effects. If you want to learn more about its skin uses, read this article.
  4. Not only is aloe vera part of the cosmetics, but it’s also used in the textile industry. Manufacturers often use the plant to produce cloths and textile fibres.
  5. Aloe’s powerful effects are said to be due to its combination of more than 75 beneficial substances. When they combine, you get a unique and extra-healthy ‘cocktail’ for your body.
  6. Are you aware of the fact that aloe vera is good for adults, children and even for babies? We think that’s definitely a reason to love it!
  7. As you know, the plant’s gel can serve as a natural cream. However, you can also take it as syrup, juice or a refreshing drink. These liquids tend to boost the organism and make it even stronger.
  8. What’s not to love about aloe?! Researches show that it can also have antimicrobial properties. This means you can use it to treat wounds and burns and prevent yourself from the naughty
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