5 Creative Ideas to use Rusks Wherever you Are

OK, we must admit it! Rusks are super universal as they are “designed for longevity and to survive long, hot and bumpy journeys”, aren’t they?! The best thing about this food is you can have it literally anywhere. You don’t agree? Check out these 5 creative ideas for you to use rusks anywhere at any time of the day!
  1. Rusks can be the perfect thing for breakfast.
Indeed, they can. Even if you have loads of work, never make the mistake to skip a meal! A pack of rusks is always a good choice for something quick and easy. You can even store an extra package in your desk cabinet for ‘emergency situations’. rusks for breakfast
  1. You can use them to decorate whatever dish you like.
Do you happen to cook soups at home? Many people don’t, actually. That’s probably because a soup looks so trivial and boring that any housewife would give up on it. However, a couple of rusks on top will definitely make the meal look much different. Plus, you can also add some grated cheese on top and voila! soup with rusks
  1. Your kids can also take advantage of some yummy rusks.
These hard bread slices are usually quite brittle and at the same time very well baked. So, if you wanna make you kid try those, why don’t you ‘cook’ a rusk-and-milk-sop? It’s super fast to prepare and you child will never get tired of eating it.
  1. The simple rusks can turn into an extraordinary appetizer.
How? Well, you just need to use your imagination! Let’s take a normal salad as an example. You’ve got a green salad with mayo and some caviar on top. A bunch of rusks will most probably make your starter a bit more beautiful than it already is. Simple as that!
  1. Take your pack of rusks on a picnic.
When you decide to make something different with the family like going on a picnic, you must always have something to snack on. So, don’t forget to put a rusks package in your basket before you leave. Now you can enjoy them even on the way. Check out our rusks and other types of dried food by category as you click here! Meanwhile, read more blogs like these: 7 Suggestions on When & How to Drink Coffee 3 Curious Questions about Sardines (+ Bonus: A simple Soup Recipe)


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