Apples’ Healthiest Parts: 10 Curious Facts about the Fruits

We all know how wonderful apples can be and what they can bring to us, right? Or, if you’re still not so sure about their effects, check out this article and make your own conclusions! Anyways, that there’s a lot more to say about apples than just the health benefits of eating them. For example, there are so many curious facts that most people wouldn’t even have thought about! Check them out now:
  1. Apple trees are some of the first ones to be cultivated by people. There’s a common belief that Alexander the Great once found the fruits in Asia Minor back in 300 B.C.
  2. There are about 7500 apple sorts (which are known!), all with differing sizes and characteristics. Do you know what this means?! You’ll need around 20 years as a whole to try each sort, if you eat a single apple per day. Would you dare to try? apple sorts
  3. Hey, if you ask someone which is apple’s healthiest part, what do you think the answer will be? In case you’re curious, it turns out the part we tend to throw in the bin might bring us the most It’s the seeds, of course! They are said to be full of antioxidants and millions of bacteria that keep the gut healthy and strong.
  4. Another interesting thing we could learn today is that apples belong to the rose family, a.k.a. Rosaceae. The same goes for peaches, plums and pears.
  5. What do coffee and apples have in common? Well, for all of you, coffee drinkers, we shall say that apples might be your thing! Yes, because many dentists recommend eating the fruits in order to get rid of plaque. Apples contain a substance that stimulates teeth stains removal after a cup of coffee or other dark drinks.
  6. There’s some information that the heaviest apple once picked had the astounding 1,4kg of weight. Can you imagine?! That’s almost like a watermelon!
  7. When we say apples, you should think of fibers! That’s because specialists claim that apples are the fruits with the highest fiber content. A medium-sized apple contains about 4 g of fibers. What’s more, the fruits are said to have no cholesterol, fat or sodium!
  8. Let’s not forget about apples’ peel! Nutritionists say that we should enjoy the peel as much as the inner parts. It turns out 2/3 of the fibers and many of the antioxidants hide namely in the fruits’ peel. apples' peels
  9. In literature apples are a symbol of many things. Some of the most common ones are temptation (think of the Bible!), immortality, incarnation, love, health, fertility, etc. All of these have something in common, don’t you think?!
  10. Have you ever tried sinking an apple into water? You’ll most probably fail, by the way! That’s thanks to the amount of air present in the fruits – it’s 25% in total.
And to sum this up in a playful manner, always remember that “an apple a day keeps anyone away, if you throw it hard enough.” Have you tried our Apple and cinnamon jam yet? Go make your purchase done as you click here! 4 Wrong Things People Do When Going Vegetarian See 4 things that Pomegranate Does to your Body! Grape Juice or Wine: Which one is Healthier?


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