Anise: 4 Ways the Herb can Slow Down Ageing

Do you want to protect yourself from early wrinkling and other skin imperfections? Don’t rush to treat your face with botox or other painful procedures. You can always try something natural like anise, for example! This herb is long known as the main component in…what? Greek ouzo, of course! Still don’t know the history behind the drink? Check it out here! Anyways, anise is said to have lots of benefits. That’s why it’s also part of the cosmetic and even pharmaceutical industry. Let’s see 4 ways in which the herb can slow down the ageing process:
  1. It turns out Greeks don’t drink ouzo just for fun! Anise itself can have anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antimicrobic properties. That is because of the active compound – anethole. It tends to have estrogen-like effects and thus act favorably when it comes to women’s reproductive issues. ouzo
  2. As you might guess from how we started this blog, anise essential oil might be skin’s best friend. Specialists say it can help for deep hydration and smoothing imperfections. When applied regularly, anise oil can drastically change your skin structure by making it soft, smooth, glossy and healthy. This will (of course!) prevent from early wrinkling.
  3. Hey, did we mention that anise can also have antibacterial properties? So, thanks to them anise might be able to protect your skin from acne and other skin diseases. No one wants a damaged skin, right?
  4. Good news is, there are lots of ways you can consume the herb. One of them is by drinking it with the evening glass of ouzo! Where you can also use it is as a spice in your food. Trust us, it’s definitely worth it. Plus, there are many cosmetic products which allow you to apply it directly onto the skin.
Do you want to know some more about this special herb? Well, that’s an annual plant, which propagates through seeds. One can use all parts of it – from the essential oils, seeds, roots, leaves to the stem. By the way, it’s also great if you choose to place it at your balcony. anise seeds To put an end of the story, we would suggest you don’t worry if you happen to have wrinkles anyway. Always remember that’s a natural process and we will all go through it. Plus, “if you don’t have wrinkles, you haven’t laughed enough.” Nutmeg – How does It help & When to Avoid it? Barley: ‘the Wonder Food’ – 4 Health Benefits you Should Know about 4 Anti-Stress Herbs you Can Find on the Market


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