Artichoke – The Heart is what Matters Most

“Artichoke is just a simple thistle!”, you may be thinking, but let me assure you that this humble plant is actually a lot more than we can imagine. So, without further ado, here are 10 facts about the edible plant that you (probably) didn’t know:
  1. At first, artichoke has been cultivated and consumed in the Near East. Today in Greece people use it both as medicine and food!
  2. Did you know that the Greeks and Romans have said the thistle is actually an aphrodisiac?!
  3. Coming from the previous statement, for the very reason the plant is considered an aphrodisiac, up until the 16th century it was forbidden for women to eat it!
  4. It’s funny but artichoke was once popular as ‘food for the rich’! In Ancient Rome poor people have not been allowed to consume the plant.
  5. In Europe it was the Dutch who actually popularized the interesting thistle.
  6. Back in 1947 Marilyn Monroe (when she was only 22 years old!) was crowned California’s first “Artichoke Queen”. Do you also wonder why? artichoke thistle
Ok, let’s stop here! How about some health facts?
  1. Artichoke has many antioxidants like quercetin, rutin, luteolin, silimarin, you name it!
  2. A specific antioxidant called cynarin is responsible for artichoke’s property to help the gall and the liver to function normally. In fact, some say that cynarin is the best anti-toxin source!
  3. The vegetable not only has diuretic characteristics, but also helps digestion. Nice, huh?
  4. Thanks to its fiber content, artichoke is one step ahead again! Experts say that the thistle contains more fibers than a bowl of dried plums.
Artichoke health benefits Artichokes are a great way to express important life lessons metaphorically! You can often hear words like “The heart is what matters most!”, “Things are often more layered and complex than they seem.” and when you do, think about the artichoke and what role it plays in our life! If we have missed some other artichoke facts, drop us a comment down below! Also, read more here: 6 Skin & Hair Benefits of Aloe Vera 5 Ways to pair Beer and Food when Cooking Broccoli - 8 Uncommon Facts you Might be Interested In


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