Autumn and Wine: 5 Important Stages that Connect Them

“Autumn is wine.” There’s nothing more to say in order to describe how lovely these two combine! The drink is in the barrels and while we wait for its good fermentation, we are about to ‘charge’ ourselves with some good mood. Are you enthusiastic about it? So, fall is the season which wine producers really wait for! It’s when people plant their vineyards and it’s also when grape-gathering begins. And what is sweeter than harvesting the fruits of your own vine and enjoying the final results?! Here are 5 important stages that make autumn and wine go hand in hand:
  1. Planting
First thing you should know is that fall is considered to be the best season to start a carrier in the wine industry. Wine producers-to-be begin by choosing the right location for their vines. Of course, this depends on the longitude and latitude they are at. In fact, it’s actually possible to grow vineyards both on lowlands and hills. However, the location and its exposure play a very important role when it comes to choosing what type of grape to plant.
  1. Cultivation
They say vine-growing is a job that definitely requires lots of skills, effort and compassion. But there’s no need to be a professional to see that, right?! Well, sometimes we, wine drinkers, tend to forget how much work hides behind the wonderful, fragrant glass of wine that we’re holding. So, in the end of August wine producers usually stop watering as this might slow down the ripening process. And when autumn begins, they start trimming and preparing for what’s ahead.
  1. Harvesting
It’s good to know that each type of grapes has its own unique taste, flavour and colours, which can be optimized if harvesting begins in the right moment. For example, people gather sorts like Mavrud (a red wine grape, popular on the Balkans) in the end of September, while there are other types, which need more time to mature. It all depends on the weather, actually. If it’s too hot, people may postpone harvesting for a while, which will increase the grapes’ sugar content. grape gathering
  1. Storage
Always remember that well-stored grapes give better wine! To make sure things go without any trouble, wine producers rely on big, stainless steel vessels. There they keep the smashed grapes and ensure the good fermentation processes. As a matter of fact, nothing is as easy as it seems when it comes to wine production. It all takes time, money, knowledge and precise actions!
  1. Treat
The best part, huh! The long-awaited enjoyment of it all involves taking a glass of good, high-quality wine and sharing it with a good company. Whether it’s in front of the fireplace or it’s somewhere in the nature, it doesn’t really matter. Just relish the moment! wine and friends Did you like today’s article? What else would you like to add? Hit the comments down below and share with us! Of course, don't forget to read our TOP articles about wine: 3 MORE Wine FAQs you Might be Curious about (+a Bonus Trick) 4 Q&A about Grape Sugar you Might be Interested to Know


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