Rusks: 3 Cool & Easy Recipes you Can Try Today!

Do you know what rusks are for? “For eating, of course!”, you will probably say. Well, yes, but what else? For example, have you given a thought that some people might give rusks to their babies during teething? Oh, yes, they do. In fact, this hard bread can be quite good for gnawing and soothing the gum pain. However, it’s said that rusks first appeared not because of babies, but because of adults. Can you think of the reason? Back in time, the ‘twice-cooked bread’ used to serve as long-lasting food for the army and sailors. Quite interesting, huh! Anyway, today we’re going to show you 3 cool, easy and super delicious recipes that include rusks:
  1. Guacamole - super easy, super tasty, super healthy!
Products: 2x avocado, ripe 1x tomato ½ onion 2 garlic cloves 3tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) Parsley ½ lemon ½ hot pepper Salt Rusks, for serving guacamole with rusks Take the avocados’ inner part and make it into a mash. After that, peel and chop the tomato, the onion, parsley and the garlic cloves. Add all veggies to the avocado purée and mix well. Squeeze the lemon and use its juice to season the guacamole. Add EVOO and salt, then some chopped hot pepper. Make sure to take the piquant seeds out, if you don’t want it too chilly. Mix everything and serve with rusks. You can always offer your company to take a rusk and spread some of the guacamole on top. So tasty!
  1. Rusk appetizer – surprise the family!
Products: Rusks 3tbsp EVOO ½ tsp salt Garlic, powder Fennel Walnuts Black pepper 1tsp lemon juice Take your pack of rusks and soak into water for a while. Then press them out and put them into a bowl. Use a manual blender to make a purée-like mixture. Season with salt, garlic, chopped fennel, black pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. Chop the walnuts and add them to the appetizer. Mix until well combined. Serve with your favourite family dish and enjoy!
  1. Cake of rusks – how extravagant!
Products: 200g rusks 0,5l milk 150g powdered sugar Vanilla 2x apples 1 lemon 2x bananas 2x eggs 60g butter, melted Put the milk together with powdered sugar and vanilla on the hob (medium heat). Pour on top of the rusks and set aside for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, peel and chop the apples and bananas. Add them to the rusk-and-milk mixture. Put some lemon zest and its juice to add more flavor. After that, gradually add the egg yolks with the butter. In a bowl beat the egg whites until fluffy. Add to the mixture and stir well. Grease a cake form and place the mixture. Bake for 45 minutes. You can also cook in the oven using a water bath, if you have the right cookware. When the cake is ready, you might decorate with apples or any cream you like. You still don’t have rusk packages at home? Be sure to purchase them right away from our website as you click here! 2 Easy Greek Recipes with Allspice you can Do at Home 5 Creative Ideas to use Rusks Wherever you Are TOP 3 Broccoli Recipes your Kids will Love!


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