Barley: ‘the Wonder Food’ – 4 Health Benefits you Should Know about

If you’re having a hard time suffering from various diseases like arthritis, asthma, skin issues, anemia, diabetes, obesity, hypertonia or so, it may be high time you learnt more about barley’s health benefits! This grain’s amazing properties are due to the fact it contains all eight essential amino acids. What this mean is barley is able to entirely fulfil the need of proteins in your menu. Without further ado, let’s see what 4 benefits can barley have on the body!
  1. Maintains healthy gut
Barley, as a great fiber source, is able to keep the toxins away from the organism. The high fiber content ‘feeds’ the healthy bacteria within the large intestine and thus maintains its good condition. By the way, it’s estimated that this grain might also reduce the risk of colon cancer, as well as of hemorrhoids.
  1. Stimulates the immune system
Because of its nutritive value, barley may effectively stimulate your immune system. This means, of course, less chance of getting viruses and flus. The iron itself might improve the blood flow and prevent from anemia. What it also does is to help the kidneys do their ‘job’. Another great thing in barley is copper – a mineral that forms hemoglobin and red blood cells.
  1. Controls hemoglobin levels
Speaking of hemoglobin, we can’t miss to mention that the propionic acid within the barley fibers might keep the hemoglobin levels in good range. Also, because the grain can be a great source of both soluble and insoluble fibers, many doctors often recommend it. It tends to have almost zero fat and no cholesterol properties.
  1. Protects the skin
In the beginning we said that barley might be a good thing to eat when having skin issues. That’s right! The grain is very rich in selenium – a mineral that keeps skin’s elasticity and protects it from damaging by free radicals. What’s more, barley might improve heart and pancreas functioning, which is also great! barley tea's health benefits By the way, you also know that barley is an essential part of any good beer, right? Check out our Beer & Lager variety and shop from here! Summer Vibes: 4 Foods to Get you Ready for the Hot Days 5 Types of Flour and their Uses in the Kitchen Eucalyptus – 4 Things that Make it a ‘Must’ at Home


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