5 Wine Cellars in England that are Worth Visiting

Time to celebrate, guys! In case you’re not so sure what’s the occasion, let us remind you that English Wine Week 2020 is here. This year it starts on May 23rd and ends on May 31st. Although Great Britain isn’t famous for the wine industry itself, specialists claim that there are around 577 vineyards all across the UK. So, it turns out this country has a lot to show, don’t you think?! Read on and check our list of 5 wine cellars located in the UK, which are definitely worth the visit!
  1. Chapel Down, Kent
Chapel Down vineyard This 22-acre vineyard is probably one of the best places where you can try all kinds of interesting and tasty wines. The winery there is actually quite favorite to the champagne lovers, but you can also taste other wine sorts as well as beer and ciders. In case you’ve been to some of the most exclusive restaurants in England, you might have noticed the name ‘Chapel Down’ in the Wine list. Doesn’t this speak for itself about the brand’s quality?!
  1. Hambledon Vineyard, Hampshire
Hambledon vineyard Hambledon wine cellar has a very rich history. The magic itself started quite a long time ago. Back in 1951 Sir Guy Salisbury-Jones didn’t know what to do with his own property, which later turned out to be a great place for grape cultivation. The results were glorious drinks that today are known as the first commercial English wines.
  1. Nyetimber Vineyard, West Sussex
Nyetimber Vineyard Here you can find the astounding 170 hectares, which, people say, give some of the most successful sparkling wines in the UK. The soil and the location are probably what assures the perfect conditions for grape growth. An interesting fact is that there is the first vineyard of the “Holy Trinity” - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.
  1. Camel Valley Vineyard, Cornwall
Camel Valley Vineyard Established in 1989, Camel Valley Vineyard is the biggest one in the whole County of Cornwall. There you can find some of the best wine sorts and what’s even better is you can enjoy them at a wonderful terrace. The place is perfect for the summer, when all the magic starts glowing even more.
  1. Biddenden Vineyard, Kent
Biddenden Vineyard We’re back in Kent, where Biddenden turns out to be the oldest commercial vineyard. It shares its beauty all over 23 acres of fruitful soil, which is just wonderful! Actually, this place is ideal for those of you who live in London as it’s just a quick drive away. You might be lucky enough to try at least 11 grape sorts, from which the owners produce their special wines. Did you like this article? Follow us on Facebook to keep up with all the news and other interesting stuff! Meanwhile, browse our Wine products as you click here and don’t forget to share your glass with the loved ones! Cheers!


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