How to Become an Expert: 4 Golden Rules about Wine Tasting

We all love to treat ourselves from time to time as we order wine at the restaurant. Here comes the tricky part, though. The waiter comes and starts asking you questions about your preferences. At this point you probably look like a foreigner who doesn’t understand a single word. Don’t worry! Today you’re about to become a semi-professional wine taster. Let’s get down to work! Remember: there are some basic things you should know before tasting wine:
  • Always think of wine tasting as a job that brings you pleasure. This is not you getting drunk, this is you paying attention to all your sensory feelings and getting the best out of wine.
  • Make sure not to smoke or eat any strong-smelling food before getting into sommeliers’ shoes. This will make wine tasting much harder!
Without further ado, here are 4 golden rules about tasting wine like a “pro”:
  1. See
Never forget to use your eyes! They serve you to get into the mood for wine tasting. Have a closer look at the color and the density of wine. No matter if it’s white, red, or rose, observe the shades. Is it dark or clear? Do you think the color is intense? Is there any sediment? Here’s a tip: always hold the glass by the stem and to see the right color, position it above a white surface like a piece of paper or a cover. wine degustation
  1. Smell
Time to get into the real process! Start with swirling the glass in order to release all the natural aromas. Then dip your nose (don’t get it wet, though!) and feel all the specific notes of the wine you’re tasting. Are there any fruity flavors? Is the smell intense?
  1. Sip
Take a small sip, but don’t swallow it immediately. Let the liquid stay a bit in your mouth, because there are all the receptors. Think of the feelings it brings. Does its taste correspond to the aroma? Can you taste any fruits or herbs? Try to feel the sweetness and the acidity. Generally, white wines are more acid, while red taste sweeter. wine tasting
  1. Think
Remember that wine tasting is an intellectual game, which allows you to become better as you gain experience. Even if you are a beginner don’t hesitate to share your impressions. There are no wrong answers because everybody has their own tastes, so respect other’s opinion as well! Did you learn new stuff from today’s post? Tell us what you think of wine tasting in the comment section! By the way, don’t forget to check out our wine lists as you click here!


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