4 Priceless Tips for Making the Best Muffins

Sweet or salty, with a glacé or not – the ‘Muffin universe’ offers countless combinations. The truth is, only your imagination is able to stop you from making the perfect dessert! However, there are some simple rules you need to follow in order to flash in front of the family. So, if you wanna surprise everybody with the best muffins, we advise you to:
  1. mix the dry and wet ingredients separately. In case you have some experience with cooking desserts, then you probably know this rule. Usually, the best way is to combine all dry ingredients in one bowl and do the same thing with the wet ones. After that you may continue.
  2. stir the mixture carefully and for not too long. If you don’t want to end up with hard cupcakes, then you should take this rule seriously. There are two possibilities: to make it by hand or to use a mixer. If you’re doing it manually, use a spatula and gather the mixture from the sides of the bowl towards the center. However, if you prefer the mixer, make sure not to go too far.
  3. …add fruits or nuts in the end. Why? Because if you put them in the beginning, there’s a chance to smash them or just ‘lose’ them somewhere in the whole mixture. Trust me, the effect is different when you place them on top! fruit muffins
  4. …use an ice cream spoon. The easiest (and most comfortable) way to cook the muffins without getting (yourself and the whole kitchen) dirty is to use this kind of spoon. Have you tried it before?
In case you’re that kind of person who always breaks the rules, don’t worry! This time it wouldn’t be a vital error. However, these simple rules can spare you a lot of time, efforts and they will definitely give you better results. Wanna learn more about making the perfect muffins? Tell us what you know while we prepare other useful tips for you! Meanwhile, check out our blog section where you’ll find topics like: 3 Curious Questions about Sardines (+ Bonus: A simple Soup Recipe) Oat Flakes: 4 Reasons why they Make a Great Breakfast Strawberries: 7 Mouth-Watering Facts about the Red Fruit


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