Best Types of Tea for Everyone’s Individual Needs

There are thousands of herbs and spices, all of which are more or less the ‘nature’s chemical laboratories’. This ‘Herb World’ is so deep that we’ll need many, many blogs in order to go through them all! Anyways, lots of people still believe that most parts of the herbal plants can truly have some supernatural and magical properties. In fact, if we know what kind of tea to brew for our specific needs, we can definitely benefit a lot! When used right, herbal teas might revitalize our life and affect our health, thoughts and emotions in a positive manner. Let’s see what we got, OK?
  1. For stronger immune system
Who doesn’t wanna take care of their immune system?! People say Echinacea tea has the ability to bring vitality back in our lives. What’s more, many of us use it as a source against flu, colds and infections. For a strong organism you could also take advantage of rosehip tea. It’s full of vitamin C, which is super for this purpose! rosehip tea Hey, if you want to make it even better, try it in a combination with hibiscus. By the way, this ‘herbal group’ includes the all-time favorite thyme, common balm and Ginseng as well.
  1. For a smooth digestion
To be honest, there are a lot of herbs you could use to improve your digestion. The first thing (and probably one of the best) that comes to our mind is peppermint. It’s said to reduce the risk of swelling and bad digestion. Plus, the fresh peppermint is also good for the breath. Another herbal tea you can go for is chamomile tea. Let’s not forget about cardamom and rosemary, which can turn into a wonderful tea (except for a flavorful addition to some dishes!). cardamom tea
  1. For a good night’s sleep
While green or black teas tend to contain lots of caffeine and thus have stimulating effects, there are herbs that might help us sleep better. You might not be surprised that the top position goes to valerian, which is very common when it comes to insomnia. Lavender is also thought to have soothing effects, so it’s good for the case. Read more about the best bedtime herbs in this article!
  1. For women’s health
Everybody knows that some things that are good for women can actually be bad for men, and vice versa. Some of the most popular ‘women’s teas’ are liquorice (serves as an aphrodisiac), evening primrose, calendula and white yarrow. Which one would you prefer?
  1. For men’s health
Did you know that thistle and tribulus terrestis tea can have a lot of benefits on men’s potency and physical endurance? These special herbs are known to increase testosterone development and that’s why many athletes also tend to use them. We can’t skip the aphrodisiac sources, or course! The best ones can be ziziphus mucronata (a.k.a. the buffalo thorn) and the not-so-popular yohimbe. Check out our 100% pure and organic Herbal tea selection as you click here!


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